Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wed May 7th

Today after boot camp, I met Jenn and Noah and Joshua at the University statues. This was the first time we had been there and the kids had a blast. Who knew that they could have fun at a park with no slides and swings! We then went for a walk along the river to the train bridge. And thanks Noah for all the historical facts! I, like Jenn am a little frightened of heights, so I didn't want to walk across it, but we meandered a little ways out. I turned to Blake and said " That's far enough Blake, mommy's scared of heights and doesn't want to go any further." Blake so point blankly responded "Don't worry mommy, I'm not afraid, I'll take care of you."

We must have been out there for almost 2 hours and because my little munchkin got up so early this morning, she zonked out on the couch before she could eat lunch!

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