Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Almost got it!

We took Blake out again on his new bike as he is getting better and better at riding without the training wheels. He still has trouble getting going is unstable on the sidewalk, but once we get out to the park, he has no trouble riding along the paths all on his own. It was a nice evening until we started to head back home. Blake and me got separated from Dale and Avery since Avery can't go that fast, but we saw them on the sidewalk heading home when we were going home. They were stopped talking to a lady who was asking them for directions. I, of course was going to let Blake bike along the sidewalk home as he's done it before with me running along side him. However, I took my eyes off of him to answer a question for Dale and BOOM, Blake ran right into a post. And he just didn't slightly swipe it, he ran smack dab right into the middle of it. He was screaming bloody murder...Avery was already crying as she hadn't been able to find me for the last 1/2 hour and the lady is just standing there watching all of this, when she finally decided that we didn't quite have the time to give her directions. Finally, Dale had had enough of Avery's crying, so he picked her and her bike up and hauled her off home, while I stayed with Blake. His bike was thrown on the ground, Avery's helmet was not too far off laying on the grass and Blake was crying so hard and hugging me, that I'm sure if anyone had driven by, they would have thought that he had gotten hit by a car!! Needless to say, Blake doesn't want to ride his new bike anymore!!

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