Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!!

I'll be out of commission for awhile. I've increased my shifts back up to 4 days/week for awhile and I've been getting ready for my friends wedding this Saturday (trying to get my toast to the bride all written up) and we are getting ready for camping...we leave Sunday right after the wedding brunch.

Just wanted to post something Blake said to me this evening. He was taking a poop while I was running the bath and he said to me "I need a book mommy. I'm going to be a long time." Wow, my little boy is becoming a man"

Oh, and Blake got sick yesterday at daycare. But I really think it's because he had a headache. We took him to the Dr. today, because I seriously think he's been getting migraines. Before he got sick yesterday, he was complaining all day that his eyes hurt and it was bright and that his head hurt. He's said this a few times in the past as well, but he's never thrown up before. I'll definately be watching him more closely now.

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