Thursday, August 7, 2008

All about the kids

These kids love camping. They especially spent alot more time this year on the sea-doo. Marlon's brother-in-law also had a boat and every chance that Avery got, she wanted to be on it! Blake spent alot of his time tubing this year--much more than last year which is good, since we had to buy a new tube this year!

Blake also spent alot of time spraying everyone and everything with his pump sprayer (even though he'd cry if he got sprayed!) and loved making a bunch of roads in the sand with his new trucks.

Avery would pile a bunch of her favorite toys together and make a 'little home' for herself. She never really played with them, just layed them all out together in a square and then freak out if anyone touched any of them.

Here they are at the campsite playing in the "hole" They didn't actually dig this hole. It was mostly already here, but Blake and Hudson started digging more of it the first night we arrived and for the whole week, if the kids started to annoy us, we'd tell them to "go play in the hole!"

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