Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grade ONE!

Here's my little boy all ready to go to his first day of Grade One. He says he's excited and not nervous at all. I, on the other hand, am a little nervous. I don't like the thought of him not being home with me on my days off and I definately don't like the thought of him growing up so fast!!

We got him a new backpack this year and look how big it is! It's no wonder since it's plum full of all his school supplies. Hopefully it won't be filled up this much with homework. Although when we were shopping for his supplies, Blake would ask with excitement in his voice "Is this for my homework?"

So I got Blake to his first day. They were split up into boys in one class and girls in the other. Then each teacher called out the names of the kids who would go into the other classroom. I waited in anticipation to see who Blake would be put with and then BOOM! He was not with ONE of his friends that he had played with last year. There were only 2 other boys in his class that were in his Kindergarten class last year. Even the one little girl he was good friends with was in the other room. I looked at Blake to see if he was upset and he seemed okay and then before I left I briefly asked him if he liked his classroom and he said "yup." Then I left and cried all the way home. I couldn't believe it-I don't understand how he couldn't even end up with one of the boys since we leave the names of his friends at the end of Kindergarten. Well, I couldn't let it go, so I headed back to the school at recess to talk to his teacher. Of course, I started to cry when I was talking to her, so she started to get all teary eyed and couldn't understand how it happened either. I already love her!!! Well, we decided to just keep an eye on him, to see if he is affected by it. She said he's been fine all morning, very excited and always chatting and we went outside to see how he was playing and he was having a blast with his friends from the other class. I guess it doesn't really matter who they're with in the class since there is no playtime--as long as he can still play with his friends at lunchtime and recess. And like Dale said, maybe this will be good for him as it will force him to make new friends and he'll have that many more friends in the long run--I sure hope so 'cause I'm still not 100% okay with it.


Kr8inKaren said...

Oh Tammi - how awful for you....I'm sure Blake is fine with it though - it's always us parents that feel worse! I like the way you cried all the way home......because that's such a long way!

Aspergertopia said...

Awe Tammi! I can relate. The fact that Blake took in in stride says a lot about his character though. It's always harder on the Mommies. He wasn't phased, so I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Happy 1st day of Grade 1 Blake. Oh, and I love how he is excited about homework. Noah is too, even though we are at home for school. Too funny.