Sunday, September 14, 2008

I want to be pretty!

Avery's 1st real day of school. The day mommy doesn't get to stay with her. The night before school I told Avery to pick out what clothes she wanted to wear the next day. She did a little twirl in front of her closet and said "I want to be pretty!" So we picked out this little dress for her first real school day. It's a good thing it was 20 degrees that day because I don't have any tights for her. She never wants to wear dresses! I guess this school thing is having a good influence on her.

I was a little afraid that she might cry when I left her and she wouldn't want me to go. But, I walked her to her chair and then said "give mommy a kiss, I have to go to work now" I then closed her knees "so no-one sees your panties". She gave me a kiss and I started to walk away...she called me back for one more "baby hug and baby kiss" and that was it. I don't know whether I should feel a little disappointed that she let me go away so easily!!

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