Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thought I'd better post something. Everyone seems to have a new post but me, and I'm not sure what I can even post. Have had a couple of busy weeks. Blake started hockey and swimming and Avery started dance. Will have to get some pics once they get more into it. Been working 4 days a week now-have to start saving up for our big trip this January, so it doesn't give me much free time. Trying to get back to a more routine gym schedule. Am doing hot yoga and group power twice a week--early mornings--AGAIN! Actually love it--feel so good after a 6AM workout, but I wouldn't do it every morning.

I guess I should be packing for our girls weekend, but I guess it can wait until tomorrow. Unlike Kari, I DO NOT have my IKEA list narrowed down, but I did draw out the dimensions to my office. You girls are going to have to help me pick some stuff out. I want this room finished!! Thank goodness for credit cards with high limits!! Can't wait girls--I really need this weekend--you have no idea!!


jkddz said...

I think I can understand!!! I have not packed either and with Damon's birthday party tomorrow I think I will make all the guys stay downstairs and Danica and I will enjoy some time together and watch a movie in my bed

Kaz-A-Me said...

PACK? I'll do that before I go to bed tomorrow night. LIST? - no such thing - it's way more fun to fly by the seat of your pants. I have the current IKEA book though - so I guess I'm one up on you guys!