Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Every year, I think I'm going to do more and more for Halloween, but somehow it comes up so quick and only lasts one day that I can't seem to catch up with it. However, we do always manage to carve our pumpkins. This year, we didn't even purchase them until a few days ago. So, instead of the kids choosing their own, Dale picked them up at the grocery store with our groceries. At least we got some before they were gone! We were then only home together one night this week, so Wed. night was the night for carving!

The kids love carving pumpkins..but for some reason they will NOT touch the guts. So..we spend all the time cleaning them out. Then once they're clean, they draw the faces on them. Avery did hers all by herself this year. It was so cute and tiny and I started to carve it out for her thinking that it would make such an adorable Jack-O-Lantern with such a tiny little face all scrunched up at the top. However, once she saw Blake's face, she then decided that she wanted big eyes and a big nose and a scary mouth. Blake basically drew his face, punched the holes in it and had us cut it out. Then he was done! It never holds his interest very long. I was actually surprised that Avery had much more interest in this than he did. She sat with me the whole time with her hand over mine cutting out each piece with me.

Our end results from left to right: Avery, Blake, me, Dale.

Then tonight it was off to trick-or-treat. This year Avery was Cheer Bear and Blake was a bat.

I have always loved dressing up for Halloween, but just never seem to get organized enough to get myself a costume. So this year, Dale picked me up a witches hat and hair to wear. There were no dresses left in stock, so I just dressed in black, but it's a start!

This was the first year in a long time that it has been decent weather for Halloween. Thus you'd think the kids would be out trick-or-treating forever. First of all, they were both very excited to go, however Avery being her shy self, would not go up to the doors by herself. One of us had to constantly accompany her--she wouldn't say trick-or-treat nor hold her bag open herself. She did this last year with no problem what-so-ever, but this year she was too shy. After about 45 minutes, she was done. She said "I have enough candy, I don't want anymore." So with that, she stayed home with Dale and I continued on with Blake. However 5 minutes after I dropped Avery off, Blake was ready to go home too. As much as he loves to trick-or-treat, he prefers to hand out the candy. Maybe it's because we have this skeleton on our door that jiggles and sings everytime someone comes near it. (My decorations aren't very extravagant, but I'm working my way up--a little more each year) So anyway, we're all at home and we had a grand total of about 18 kids. So Blake didn't even get the opportunity to hand out very much. Where was everyone this year? Did they visit your homes, because they certainly didn't come to mine.


Sheila said...

I know it is wierd and almost eerie.
We went out to Lawson Heights and while we were out it was rare to see any other kids out there at all...
Gorgeous night for halloweening but my kids pooped out before I did.

jkddz said...

we had close to 60 if not more... haven't counted the pop we had to resort to..... ran out of chips!!

your kids were so cute last night...

Aspergertopia said...

Your pumpkins look awesome! And very cute costumes.

Can't beat that weather hey?