Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I love my days off!

I have had 2 days off in a row now. I decided to cut back my shifts to 3 and 4 a week and this was the first week that it happened. Yesterday I put Avery in daycare and spent the afternoon with Blake at school. He loves when I can come. When I was walking him to school this morning, he asked me if I had the day off at work today. When I replied that I did, he asked me "Are you coming in my classroom today then?" I wish I could have, but I can't keep pawning Avery off all the time.

Avery and I had a lovely day today. Her speech therapy was cancelled, so the two of us took a nice leisurely trip out to Costco for the morning. Even though the snow had already begun falling, the roads were still good, so no major events there. Once we got home, she decided that her 'blankie' needed washing. This is a major event. I usually can never get her blankie into the wash without her shedding some pretty big tears over it. So she helped me put it in the wash with the rest of the sheets and that was that. She even checked it over after it was all dry to make sure it was completely clean.

I then got the pleasure of taking Avery to her first dentists appointment. Well, I had taken her once before a couple of years ago, but they didn't do much. I thought for sure this was going to be quite the trying task, but she surprised me! I did have to lay down with her, but she opened her mouth when she was supposed to and even let the hygienist polish and floss her teeth! They even used the water and suction on her. I guess she is becoming a big girl after all.

We then picked Blake up from school and since quite a bit of snow had fallen, the kids stayed outside to shovel the driveway. They did a pretty good job, until they got cold, so guess who had to finish it. (no, not Dale-he was working and since I'm such a good wife, I did it myself--after I got a pork roast, potatoes and a veggie casserole in the oven) I can be pretty domesticated when I have the time to be.

Well back to work tomorrow. I am going to spend the morning with Avery at preschool tomorrow--you know us moms--everything has to be fair!

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