Monday, December 1, 2008

Dear Santa

December 1st usually marks the day that we begin to start celebrating XMAS. We usually get our XMAS tree around this time and decorate the house, but this year our work shifts didn't allow for it, so the tree and decorations will come next weekend.

So, instead I thought I'd steal some ideas from my good friends. I have never had the kids write a letter to Santa, so this afternoon we decided to give it a try. I pulled out the Sears XMAS catalogue and told them to cut and glue what they wanted. Blake really only wanted to find the picture of the Nintendo DS, but he did manage to find a couple more things when I prodded him. After that he was done--he really didn't want to even do it, but I told him Santa wouldn't be able to bring him anything unless he writes a letter. Maybe if we can continue this tradition year after year, he'll get more excited about it.

Avery was very excited to do this. She even tried to write Santa on her letter. I think it came out something like this: AitiiiA. She then proceeded to cut out what she wanted, but she needed me to glue it on the paper--"it's too sticky!" We had one meltdown when I accidentally ripped a small tear in one of her pictures when I was gluing it, but we got back on track and ended up with some typical Avery 'wants'. (princess stuff and pets)

I was lucky that there were 2 XMAS shows on TV tonight as well. The first was 'Shrek The Halls' and then the classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

We then finished the night off with our first chocolate from our Advent calenders. This is something that Blake loves to do, but the funny thing is--he never eats the chocolate, he just likes to open up the flaps and then passes his chocolate off to Avery, who I might add, willingly accepts it.

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Aspergertopia said...

Sweet pictures!

We caught the 2 Christmas specials tonight too. Don't you love Shreck the Halls. It's so funny!