Thursday, December 4, 2008

sleepin' like a baby

Blake has always gone to bed really well. Once teeth are brushed and books are read, he usually falls asleep as soon as his head hits his pillow. Lately though, he keeps coming out of his room wanting to sit with us for awhile. We're debating about whether we need to push his bedtime hour later. The other night he came out a couple of times, but then proceeded back to his bed. We were just sitting in the living room watching TV and never heard from him again. However, when we were heading to bed we almost tripped over this small lump of blankets laying in the hallway. We never even heard or saw him come out. I think he's going through a phase of needing to be close to us at night. I can't even go downstairs until he's asleep, or he'll keep running downstairs to see if I'm still here. He gets comfort from hearing us move around--kind of reminds me of me when I was little.


KAGS Herself said...

Miss Daisy used to do this too - she'd sneak out of her room real quiet and then I'd discover her at the top of the stairs or on a couch in a different room!

Karen x

Aspergertopia said...

That is sooo sweet!