Thursday, December 4, 2008

Free lunch

My friends always want me to share my stories of "how I seem to get things for free" or something to that effect. I don't even know what to call it.

Well, I have a story to share. Today, Avery, Dale and I went to Earl's for lunch and we ended up getting our meal for free. I honestly don't even know how it happened and I wasn't even meaning for this to be the end result, but perhaps my friends could use this to their advantage.

We got seated right away, our waitress came right away, we got our food right away (and it was phenomenal, by the way). Sound good right? I know, so how did we get it for free? Well, we never saw much of our waitress after she gave us our meals. She came once the whole time we were there and this was to clear Dale's plate away and ask if he wanted more water--this was about 10-15 minutes after his water glass was empty and he had finished eating. So, anyway we finished and we wanted to pack up the rest of Avery's meal and pay so we looked around for our waitress and we didn't see her anywhere. A host saw us looking around and came over to see if he could pack the meal up. I said "yes, please and we'd like to pay as well." He said he would let our waitress know. When he came back with the doggie bag he asked if she'd come by yet. I said "No, and we really haven't seen much of her the whole meal." So he said he would grab a manager and have her get our bill for us. While the manager was printing our bill, our waitress finally came by to clear our plate and I told her that someone was already getting our bill for us. When the manager came back to the table, I gave her my credit card and $5.00 and told her to "please give this to the cooks, as they deserve it more than the waitress did today." She asked me what was wrong. I told her"nothing went wrong, it's just that the waitress was only by our table once, she never asked us if our meals were okay, or if we needed anything else. The food was excellent--the sandwich was one the best sandwiches I had in my life, so I wanted to give the tip to the cooks instead of the waitress." She took my bill back and said that she would adjust it for me. She then came back and said that she decided to pick up our entire tab. I told her she really didn't have to do that--nothing really went wrong, but she insisted, so I thanked her and reminded her to give the tip to the cooks.

You see, I wasn't complaining and expecting that she give us a discount or anything. I just wanted to give the tip to the cooks, which I have done a few times before this. What do you think?


KAGS Herself said...

The Tamminator strikes again!
It could only happen to you. No one else would even have their voice heard!
What does your husband think to your success as a moaner??!!!
I really think you should do something with this special talent you have.
Karen x

jkddz said...

In the summer we went there as well and fast service and great great food .... but same thing when it came time to pack up my left-overs and get the bill we were told everything was on the house... NO idea why.... and she even asked if we wanted dessert since it would be free.... and I declined I felt so bad... that she was picking up the bill....since the service was great too... and the night before that my brother and his girl had the same thing happen.... but they took the dessert =)

Aspergertopia said...

Wow! Me thinks a trip to Earls is in order.

I bow to you oh Great One!