Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last Dance

Avery finished her last dance session last week and as with every session, they always do a short recital for the last class. These are just a few of some close-ups of her waving to us and giving us a thumbs up telling us that she's "ready"

I actually got some great action shots of her dancing next to her friends, but I didn't want to post the pics of the other girls without talking to their mom first.

Just before we left the house, Avery decided to strut down the steps acting all Diva-like. She kept running back up and doing it again. Of course nothing can compare to the first time and since I wasn't expecting it, I didn't capture it. I did however get her on video the subsequent times--I think she was purposely running back up the stairs, so she could keep showing off for the camera! For someone so shy, she sure can suprise me sometimes!

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Saucy said...

The shy ones are the ones who go on to be famous performers!