Monday, February 2, 2009

The "Disney Magic"

Here is our ship the "Disney Magic". It was so big--10 levels. Our stateroom was on level 2. We were pleasantly surprised at the size of them. We had a king bed, bunkbeds and 2 bathrooms. One with a sink and bathtub/shower and another one with a sink and toilet. Once you unpack and put everything in the drawers and closets, there was ample room for the 4 of us.

This is our first day on the ship enjoying the "bon voyage" party.

The pools were on the 9th level. Every morning at 10AM, they would show a movie on the Ariel view television. We'd sit in the hottub or in "goofy's pool" watching "Cinderella" or "The Little Mermaid" or whatever they'd have scheduled for the day.

Blake enjoyed going down the waterslide in "Mickey's Pool" and it was shallow enough that we didn't have to hang on to Avery the entire time. We actually only spent 2 mornings at the pools--the rest of the days we were docked at the ports. In the afternoons, we put the kids in the clubs for an hour or so, while Dale and I spent a bit of time at the adult only "Quiet Cove" pool.

There was lots of other things to do as well. The kids especially like playing ping-pong and deck shuffleboard!

and of course, there's always bingo!!


sassy studio said...

Congrats on your big win! looks like your family had a fab time on your big trip you lucky ducks. familiar.....lets see- I've lived in Sask, reg, pa and lloyd. pharmacy- nope I am horrible at math, safeway- sorry I am a superstore gal, mawson- that is where I should be, but am not! we'll figure it out!
ps your kidlets are adorable!

Aspergertopia said...

Those pics are amazing Tammi!


(Especially the last one)