Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sledding Fun

Just when I thought that winter was soon to end, it starts snowing on us again. Today was miserable and I don't think that tomorrow will be any better. At least it was nice on the weekend. Kari and I took the kids sledding for the first time at Diefenbaker. Even though the wind was fairly cold on top of the hill, it was still a pretty nice day.

Damon and Blake loved it. Usually Blake's ready to leave after a few runs, but today he didn't want to leave. He only wanted to ride with Damon and after Damon took a pretty nasty fall going down by himself, he thought it was alot more fun riding with Blake as well.

Blake thought it was pretty funny when they would fall off the sled at the bottom. He especially liked it when Damon would fall off and he would stay on. (Damon was pretty protective of Blake and would try his hardest to keep Blake from falling off)

There were lots of ridges and bumps, but Danica was nice and comfy on her blow-up sled. It was Kari and me and Avery who suffered the most. Once Avery and I hit a nasty bump and jarred our butts, that was it for Avery. She stayed at the bottom of the hill and ate snow. I think she even tried to eat the sled as before we knew it, she was crying and her tongue was bleeding. We still don't know what she did, but we think she licked the metal.


Aspergertopia said...

We went to diefenbaker the other day too. It was so cold so we only got a few runs in. Man is it bumpy. I think I got the worst of it. Steering myself right for the nastiest parts. Ah well. The kids had fun.

jkddz said...

it was so much fun...we will have to head there again =)

jkddz said...

So Blake, when do you want toga sleding again