Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Speech Therapy

We had a call yesterday from a private speech therapist that was able to fit Blake in today on a cancellation. I jumped right on it--I had to work, but Dale was available to take him before his shift. Apparently Blake LOVED HER and Dale said she was excellant--he didn't want to go see her, but after he didn't want to leave and asked if he could come back after lunch. Whew! What a relief. At 70 bucks for 3/4 of an hour it's nice to know it'll be worth it. I guess we know where we'll be spending our bingo winnings. Thanks alot Public School System--I guess I should let them know that I'll be pulling my son out school for an hour to pursue his speech needs!


jkddz said...

I can't believe that all the times you said he needed help.. and with all the efforts- like his one on one times he had with early intervention from being assessed in daycare....and they do not give him anytime in school for help...this is where downtown needs a shake!! and me seeing it from in the schools makes it no better....they expect me to help out 6 kids in one grade that are in 3 separate rooms....and the other kicker is that 3 of them are needing 100% EA support.... hmmmm... I think those fancy downtown people need to spend some time in the classrooms and see if their ideas are actually working for the children!!!

Aspergertopia said...

Here here Kari. You hit the nail on the head.

Glad you found someone Tammi.

Quirkymom said...

At my school we have a speech therapist that rotates schools. We get her for half a day every month. Imagine how many children she gets to help at our school of over 700 students! It is brutal!