Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Running Wild

Yup, it's that time of year again. This is my favorite time of year for early morning workouts. Not about to do another boot camp yet, but my good friend Kari and I are starting our own little running group tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM. Nothing like pounding the earth on Earth Day! What are you doing to stay active and healthy?


KAGS Herself said...

Lifting and holding (repetatively)for many hours another book from the Twilight saga?
Watching the movie gets my heart racing too!

jkddz said...

Posting this from my iPod...just crawled into bed and excited on starting tomorrow with a run...I have downloaded an app 4 that will do our miles per hour calories and keep track of everytime we go for our run... Now to get at least 5hours of sleep

sassy studio said...

you go go go you running girl! a kitchen reno? how fun! I'm trying to put together a cooking lesson from my bro the chef, it would be a perfect time to give my kitchen a test run to see what works for you, I'll keep you posted! i just ordered my studio cabnets from ikea, have you check out their site at all...very user friendly, I loved designing with ikea!

Quirkymom said...

Jay and I are signed up to run in the Capital City Race Day. We ran the 5 km last year with 8000 other people. I am doing the 5 again this year, but Jay is trying the 10. So we have started training again. I am up to 5 and 1's this week, more like 5 and 2's for me, but it is a start!