Friday, May 22, 2009

Blake's got a loose tooth..a wiggly jiggly loose tooth

and it fell out! Yesterday morning at about 11AM. I had picked him up from school as he had been complaining that his "eye hurt". Usually a sign that he's getting a migraine. So, I brought him home for some Advil and a nap. When he came out of his room a while later, he was holding his tooth. With his headache now gone, he was super excited that he finally had another tooth fall out. His first 2 bottom ones fell out over a year ago. He couldn't wait to get back to school and tell all his friends. You see, they sing the "loose tooth" song and then they get to bring home the tooth journal and write in it.

Last night he put the tooth in his tooth fairy box anticipating what she might bring. She brought $5.00, which I thought is pretty good, since I only got 25 cents when I was little. Well, at 6:30 AM this morning he marched into our room with his box, opened it, shook out the $5.00 bill and said "is that it?"

I have a feeling the tooth fairy won't be so generous next time!


Aspergertopia said...

Awe. He looks so cute! Totally worth the $5.

Monkey Moo has yet to have one fall out. We thought one was wiggly, but nothing has progressed.

Quirkymom said...

Jasmine doesn't really understand money yet, so we pay with coins and we can give 3 or 4 coins, but it might be just a dollar and some quarters or nickels. She is excited if she gets an extra coin or bigger coin.

Jasmine is traumatized by teeth issues. Her first one fell out in an accident and she is so scared now and hates loose teeth. She swallowed her second one, so that didn't help matters. The top 2 are already bothering her, so any bump to the tooth and she is crying :(

Tamara Jansen said...

That is EXACTLY what my kids did, back in the day :)