Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Spirit

I don't know where it's coming from this year, but I have so much Christmas Spirit it's actually becoming a little frightening. I think I've done more Christmassy things this year than any other.

Maybe it's because I started earlier this year than any other. We got our tree up right at the beginning of December. The house is decorated--and by, the way, with tacky decorations. There's nothing like a tree that is as colorful as a rainbow. I'd still like to get some of those foil decorations to put on the ceiling like I had when we were growing up. The outside of my house could use some more lights, but it got so friggin' cold, that hasn't happened yet. If I had my way, my house would look like National Lampoon's Christmas. Maybe next year.

Maybe it's because I started an advent calender inspired by my friend Jenn. Every night, I place 2 chocolate balls, a paper describing an activity that we'll do that day, and the kids vitamins (believe it or not, but I always forget to give them!). Blake is especially excited to open each drawer in the morning to see what we'll be doing that day. Some days it's as simple as playing a WII game (if we're pretty busy), but I mostly try to do a Christmas activity. Tomorrow I think it may be peppermint play-doh---I use Jenn's site alot to get some ideas!

Maybe it's because I was finally able to attend one of Saucy and Sassy's charm bracelet parties and made a beautiful Christmas charm bracelet for myself. It was way more fun than I had even imagined--thanks guys for doing this--can't wait for the next one!

Maybe it's because I watched "ELF" earlier this year and I just can't seem to stop quoting lines from that movie. I'm constantly singing at work---I sang my store assistant manager a song yesterday and he bought me a coffee. I made it up myself. It went like this "Oh, the weather outside is frightful, so a coffee would be delightful, but if you're too cheap to buy, then I'll cry, then I'll cry, then I'll cry!"

We had our pharmacy XMAS party Saturday night and I haven't had so much fun in so long. Again, it just has to be the Christmas spirit surrounding me. A quick recap: We had it at the Ramada Golf Dome--amazingly good buffet dinner, great desserts, fun little golf games, and lots and lots of great door prizes given out by the Ramada---free night stays, Sunday brunches, drivers, $100 gift cards for the golf dome, etc.. etc.. I would highly recommend this venue to anyone. We had a great host who had alot of extra prizes for impromptu things. I won 2 free drinks for yodelling, 2 free drinks for singing the gambler (over a mike in front of about 150 ppl-there were 3 other businesses there besides just us Safeway staff) a $100 gift card and about another $30.00 in buckets of balls. I even got to work the next day for 9 hours. But I was not hungover, and I hummed and sang all day long. I even had a grouchy customer first thing in the morning, but I just kept smiling, gave her a free Starbucks drink and said "get yourself something warm on the way out and Have a Merry Christmas!" I think she mumbled "Merry Christmas" back to me too.

Maybe it's because we started a new tradition by sponsoring a family through Brent and Penny's Adopt-a-family. Along with our close friends we will be buying gifts and food for a single mom with 3 daughters. A 17 year old who is special needs (cerebral palsy), a 13 year old and a 7 year old. We can give our kids so much and I can't believe that we didn't do this sooner.

Tell me about your Christmas Spirit!


jkddz said...

My Christmas spirit is lost somewhere in the cold or I could have misplaced it in the long, crazy store line ups!! I am having a hard time figuring out what I am going to get everyone this year ....
Next week during the day when we are off school, would you like to head over to make a Christmas train?? it a cake one that the kids can decorate!!! just need a bit of notice since I will have to bake them

Jenn said...


What a beautiful post! I am so happy you are full of the spirit! It makes for such a great experience and awesome memories.

P.S. Love your little Christmas song and your advent turned out gorgeous. Oh, and I looove that you put the vitamins inside!

Perfect :)

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