Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Well, it's the night before Christmas Eve and I'm falling a little behind on my posts. We were away this past weekend at Dale's mom and dad's to celebrate XMAS with them.

Remember when you had to sit at the Kids table!

The kids couldn't wait to open their presents-you try to make them do it one by one, but it never works out that way!

Avery mastered the slinky in no time at all and Logan and Blake took their new sleds out for a spin.

Always lots of bush stuff to do in Meadowlake. Quadding...

Snowmobiling....Dana and EJ bought their kids a child snowmobile, so we had Blake take it for a spin. He loved it, but his mommy and daddy don't think a child should have something so expensive for XMAS. Sorry Blake that we're so cheap!

Once we got home, I was able to finally pull this craft out and get it done. I found this at the "Toys and Games" store at the Midtown and just could not resist it! I haven't done shrinky dinks since I was a kid.

Blake colored a couple of ornaments, but then soon lost interest----that was until it was time to bake them! Then he sat and watched every batch curl up and shrink. It really is quite mesmerizing.

Avery put together the tree almost all by herself and decorated it by herself too.

And of course, our December month wouldn't be complete without making and decorating sugar cookies. I had Dale run to Michaels in the morning and pick up the disposable decorating bags and a decorating bag holder. It sure makes things alot easier and alot less messy!

Oh, I bet Santa can't wait to have these cookies on Christmas Eve! Delicious!

Merry Christmas to all of you!


jkddz said...

Damon is jealous of the sled Blake got!!! "he already has one!! and I want one!!" told him he was too big for those... the cookies look great! we will have to get together for the Christmas train making (whenever suits you) we are free of Family on the 26th.
and again thanks so much for the purse =)

Have some last minute cleaning and wrapping to do before my parents arrive!

Merry Christmas!!

Saucy said...

I still like pitting in at the kid's table :) That's where all the fun is.

amy said...


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brian said...

Christmas cookies always a nice treat!

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