Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas wind-up

With my New Years Resolutions to think about, I need to get my 2009 blogging done before I can do anything else. So without further ado--here is a quick summary of our Christmas Eve and morning.

Pretty much anyone who knows me, knows that all I really wanted for Christmas was a new laptop. With the kids getting older, I just didn't want to have to share the computer anymore. I'm selfish--I wanted my very own, that nobody else touches! However, I was saddened when all I saw under the tree was this great big box--nothing near the shape of a small little laptop.

But wait---there's a big blanket in here and a couple of cushions.....

And what is this---another wrapped present--it's sure shaped like a laptop box---could it be?

Yes it is! My very own laptop--so slim, so shiny, so portable, so MINE! What a wonderful husband I have--deceitful, but very, very wonderful!

Oh, and the kids ended up getting lots of loot too. My favorite were the electrified piggy banks we ordered off of the internet for them. Now I won't be finding coins in every nook and cranny in their rooms--we told them they don't come apart, so they won't be able to play with the money anymore!

Avery also got her Barbie castle and camper from Santa that she wanted so bad! And Santa completed Blake's dinosaur hot wheels set However, his favorite was the Super Mario Brothers WII game that he's been wanting for months now. I have to admit that we're all a little bit addicted to this game now!

Was it that Avery got the barbies, and Blake the hot wheels or was it the other way around?

So cute! Blake was wandering aimlessly around Avery playing with her camper, when I heard him say "we can play with anything we want, right Avery". Then he wandered around some more and then came and sat on the couch without saying anything. I looked at him and said "Blake, if you want to play with Avery's Barbies, you can" He looked at Dale and said "don't laugh, okay" and they proceeded to play with each others toys. I couldn't resist snapping some photos---I'm sure these will make an appearance later on in his life!

Hope everyone had a good XMAS---All the best in 2010!


Leica Forrest said...

Oh Jager was playing with Ireland's Barbies too!LOL

Where did you get those fantastic money holders? I need 3!

jkddz said...

Once everything gets into a more normal swing... i need to get to the gym more!!! even if it is just to run after school for 30mins! =)
so far can not get out of bed at 730

interested in the Zumma class though - and Wednesdays should work for me..but would like to go with a friend to the first time

Jenn said...

Lucky girl! But yes. I agree with you. A girl needs her own Laptop. Nothing selfish about it. Glad to hear you had a happy, healthy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Your blog was next to mine. I love that you let your son play with barbies! You know that boys like girl toys and would jump at the chance to play with them if the adults didn't frown upon it. My daughter only wanted to play with her brother's toys. She cried when someone gave her a doll and her brother got some cool action figures. Adults are the main influences on those strict gender roles. My husband does most of the cooking, but you know what? His dad loved to cook!

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