Monday, February 15, 2010

This past weekend we went to Table Mountain and took the kids skiing for the very first time. Blake and his friend Hudson took a lesson first thing in the morning which was the best thing we could have done. Great value here...they got an hour and 1/2 lesson for $45 which included their rentals and their lift tickets for the day. It's amazing how kids can pick things up so easily. Blake had a bit of rough start...the first time they went down the bunny hill we noticed he was crying at the bottom....he said it was too hard, but the next time they came down the instructor stayed with him the entire run to build up his confidence and right after that him and Hudson were up and down the hill entirely by themselves without any help from the instructor.

While Blake was in his lesson, Dale and I took turns going down the hill with Avery. At first we put her between our legs and held onto her, but then after about an hour or so, we started to ski beside her with her hanging onto our pole guiding her down. In the afternoon, I took a parent and tot class with her and by the end I was skiing backwards in front of her barely guiding her down the hill. She definately can't go down on her own as she still doesn't know how to snowplow or stop, but she was making turns on her own and the instructor mentioned that she was doing really, really good and was very impressed with the progress she was making. I'm sure it won't take her too long to catch on as she's a pretty "go-to-it-girl".

We stayed in North Battleford at the Tropical Inn. We had a poolside room and the kids spent hours watersliding and swimming both Friday and Sat. night. Highly recommend this hotel. Most of the pool is not deep...Avery can we could sit in the hottub and watch the kids coming down the waterslides and swimming without being right beside them. Avery was like a fish! She kept wanting to do "swimming lessons" with me being the teacher. She would swim under water to me and have me help her do front and back floats. This is great as we have her registered in swim lessons in April and I was worried that it would be like last time where she wouldn't do a thing as she was so shy and scared.

Today for family day we went to the golf dome with our friends Cindy and Steve and Blake's best friend Billy. We gave both the kids a set of golf clubs for their birthdays and we've been anxious to get them using them. Blake is really catching onto the swing nicely and makes contact most of the time. This was the first time that Avery has golfed and once Dale helped her get the feel for it, she was hitting the ball most of the time too.

Of course can't get the kids out of the golf dome without them wanting to mini-golf. After supper, we took them to movie "The princess and the frog" and then they both zonked out as soon as their heads hit the pillows.


jkddz said...

Cindy you made it on the blog =)

looks like a fun weekend... I would love to take Danica out skiing too... before grade 5 when they go with the 6,7,8's!! Damon is heading to the hill on the 26th with the school... 6:45am he needs to be at the school!!

jkddz said...

Friday night will work for me....I better buy Hot Chocolate without 'Smellows =)

maybe we can do a late skate and a movie!

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