Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Busy doing a whole lot of nothing!

Haven't been doing a whole lot in the evenings except catching up on the first season of GLEE that my husband bought me for Valentine's Day. I was surprised at how many episodes I actually missed (no PVR in this house......yet!) It was alot of fun watching it with Dale who hadn't seen but maybe one episode...I miss the old days of Degrassi Junior High, Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place where you'd get together with girlfriends just to watch the show or at least call them at every commercial to chat about what happened.....Dale was a pretty good substitute...at least I didn't have to watch it alone. Stayed up until 1AM last night to finish off the last DVD...although I honestly could have stayed up all night the first night watching the whole season...I was so disappointed everytime one was over and and the credits would roll....I don't know how many times I talked Dale into "just one more episode!" Can't wait for the new season to start in April...anyone up for GLEE nights!?!

I've also been kept busy incorporating "Try new foods Tuesdays" into our household. It's not that my kids are EXTREMELY picky eaters, they just don't have a variety of fruits and vegetables and they are pretty particular about how certain foods are prepared. Plus we just get so used to cooking them the same things over and over, we get ourselves into a rut. Today was the 4th week...and the first day that Blake said "I hate Tuesdays". I'm actually very surprised at how good it's been going and how little they complain...when they ask me what we're having for supper, I say "It's try new foods Tuesdays, we're having...." and they just know that that is what we are eating. The first time we had sweet & sour spareribs, white rice (they're only used to chicken fried rice) and raw cucumbers and peppers. (Blake now loves raw peppers). The second time we had pork cutlets, roasted baby potatoes and peas. The 3rd week we had stuffed pork roast, thinly sliced homemade potato chips and yellow/green beans. Today we had barbecued steak, garlic roasted mashed potatoes and peas, and raw peppers again. Not sure what I'll do next week......NEED SOME IDEAS, so please let me know what you give your kids to eat and what you usually prepare for suppers. Would love your input.


jkddz said...

love taste new food Tuesdays!

Damon and Danica love chicken breasts made in the oven in a stone with a bottle of Italian salad dressing to bubble and cook in! and then they are super juicy!!

by the way I am thinking I will be so stiff tomorrow =-P
but it was a good class think I need that one on a regular basis...

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Quirkymom said...

WE both love Glee too and bought the two CD's that go with it. We'll be happy to have it start again, but stay content with 24 and Biggest Loser right now.

As for try new foods, love the idea. My kids aren't too fussy, Jasmine is pretty good actually, but refuses to eat shrimp and most fish, except salmon. We've been getting more adventurous with spices lately and things like casseroles. On stir fry night, we always made them something else, but now I just seperate it into piles (chicken in one pile, carrots in another and no sauce) and they eat it and same with salads, but they will both eat salads normal now, too. Jasmine has taken to garlic and curry lately, so that is fun. Laura

PS: going scrapping all day tomorrow, theme is luao, so I decided to dress up after you mad hatter blog.

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