Monday, April 12, 2010

Dexter the Dinosaur

This is Dexter. Dexter has been with us for 11 days. Dexter came home with Avery from Preschool before the Easter Break. All the kids get a turn in taking Dexter home...finally Avery's name was drawn. She was so happy and so proud to take care of Dexter.

This is blankie. Blankie has been with us for 5 years (well 8 if you count Blake's years with her, which I don't, since he never became attached to her). Avery is verrrry dependent on Blankie...she carries her all around the house (and if we let her, she does get to take her out in the van and sometimes into some stores).....if she's upset, she always asks for Blankie and for her milk. She sleeps every night with Blankie and we have to make sure that Blankie is packed if we ever go overnight anywhere.

When Dexter came home with Avery she said to me "I have to take care of Dexter now. I don't need Blankie anymore. And when she went to bed that night, she took Dexter with her and threw her Blankie on the floor. "I can't sleep with Blankie, I have to take care of Dexter." Poor Blankie.

However, you'll be pleased to know that Blankie was back in Avery's arms the next day. Dexter was the center of attention until we arrived at my sister's in Dickinson. Once we arrived there, Dexter stayed in the bag and was there for the next week. He wasn't thought about again until she had to finish drawing her pictures documenting her time with Dexter.

She drew this first picture the day she brought Dexter home...she was so excited...Mrs. Simpson said she had to draw a picture, so she wanted to get it done right away. Of course, it's full of color.

This picture is one that Avery and I did together as I wanted her to show her friends that Dexter got to go to a different country. Actually Avery did most of the drawing, but she didn't know how to draw the babies, so I drew them.....hey, I never claimed to be an artist!

So anyway, if looking after Dexter is indicative of how she'd look after a pet she wants so badly, we will NEVER get one!

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Karen of the KAGS said...

EXACTLY why we don't have a pet - have you seen how I take care of my children???
LOVE that first picture of Ms Avery too.