Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dickinson, N.D.

We spent Easter long weekend at my sisters in Dickinson, N.D. When we crossed the border our trip started off with a bang when a darn pheasant decided to fly right in front of our van. Dale had just remarked, "look there's another pheasant right there" which he soon followed up with "look now there's a dead pheasant!" The kids wanted to see it, so we turned around, found it in the ditch and Dale held it up so they could see it...he then pulled off a couple of feathers for the kids as "keepsakes"

The main purpose of this trip was to finally see those twin babies for the first time who are now 6 months old. Oh, my gosh, they are sooo cute! So chunky and so content. In these pics, Blake is holding Amelia(pink pants) and Avery is holding Mollie (white pants). I know this only because I dressed the girls that morning. Otherwise I have a hard time telling them apart.

Don't ask me which one is which in this pic...if I could zoom it in, I might be able to tell as Amelia has a small storkbite between her eyes.

I'm pretty sure, that Avery is holding Mollie in this pic...she always asked to hold Mollie. Not sure who Blake is holding. Avery fell in love with both those babies...she always wanted to hold them, but then said they were too heavy after awhile....and if she had her way, I'd be pregnant by now with a "baby sister for her"

Of course, there was still time for coloring eggs and easter egg hunting. This year he brought each of the kids one big basket.....and then they hunted for eggs at a community easter egg hunt.

Blake and Avery had alot of fun with their cousin Sadie....especially outside with her bubble blower she got from the Easter bunny.

It was a great trip...been over a year since I've seen my sister and her family...can't wait to see them again in June!


Quirkymom said...

Cool to see Tavia in those pictures. I know it is tough not to see family for so long. I just saw Deanna and her kids for the first time in about a year and half - way too long. Always love reading your posts and rememering the good old days. Couldn't get over the fact that you stripped a pheasant you hit with your car for feathers, too funny!

Love ya! Laura

Sara said...

I arrived there by accident .. what to say ... beautiful family!
Hello, Sara from Italy