Saturday, May 29, 2010

If you could be so kind...

I'm looking out my patio window drinking my coffee, thinking what an awfully blah day. Thank goodness I did my grocery shopping last night so that I can just spend all day inside today hanging out with the kiddos.

I'm also thinking that tomorrow morning I will be out in this awful weather. However, it is for a great cause so it won't be awful after all. Me and the kids will be walking in the Juvenile Diabetes Walk for a Cure! So many kids are affected by this horrible life changing disease. Could you imagine having to give your kids injections on a daily basis (sometimes 5 times a day), poking them at least 4 times a day to test their sugars. Counting Carbohydrates and not being able to let them have that cookie that they want so much and you know would make them so happy. Constantly worrying and hoping that they don't get that sugar low that makes them so sick and is so dangerous that it could be fatal. I couldn't! I'm so blessed that none of my family is affected, but there are so many children out there that aren't so lucky.

We are walking for a boy who was diagnosed with diabetes when he was just 8 years old---the same age as Blake! He so desperately wants to find a cure and him and his mom have been working very hard to collect donations. While my son is playing Video Games, this boy has been riding the bus (because their car doesn't work) to different neighborhoods to see if anyone can help him find a cure. I'm trying to help him find a cure, so if you could be so kind......

visit my JDRF website HERE and make a donation today. Anything will be greatly appreciated. Just remember you never know when your family might be affected.

Thank you so much!

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sassy said...

sweet girl, grea tto involve the kiddos!