Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Twinkle Toes

A couple of weekends ago, Kari and I decided to take the girls for their first pedicure..mother/daughter style. So off to Just For You Day Spa (a wonderful little spa just behind Beilly's). I was a little apprehensive about Avery...I wasn't sure if she would sit by herself letting someone else touch her feet. She was a touch shy to start with, but became quite talkative as the hour went by.

The girls loved it, and Avery is already talking about going back again. I better watch how often I take her...don't want her becoming a DIVA!

Avery, of course picked out 2 colors in her usual rainbow style:

Danica went with a lovely 2-shaded purple duo:

Kari decided on a cool SHREK green:

and I settled on a bright red (which is a big change for me as I usually stick with a light pink or brown!)

The funnest part was when we were trying to take pictures of our feet. Honestly, is there a good way to take these pictures. We couldn't stop laughing. Feet really do look UGLY in pictures--too long of toes, too bony..every imperfection seems to surface in the pictures. Seriously, sit down and take some pictures of your'll see what we mean.


Kari said...

Your right, I dont know how toe models do it! I think Avery is onto something ... Every girl needs to be pampered every once and a while!!!

Kari said...

PS have a great to you when you get back

sassy said...

the toes look great,love the idea! Farm trip! You pick the day and we can end it with a swim!!!
Nap time is 12:30 -3, would a morning trip work for you guys?