Thursday, July 1, 2010

Butterfield Acres

I just got back from a 5 day visit with my sisters and mom in Calgary. We had a great time. I love the fact that they live in gives us an excuse to visit some of our favorite places there. One of our favorites is Butterfield Acres:

This year Blake decided to try to milk the goat. He did manage to get some milk to squirt out of there, which is better than I did. Avery would not try this at all! No one could beat Uncle Vern.... of course his family does own a dairy farm in North Dakota, so he had a little bit of an upper hand there.

We were NOT supposed to pick up the chicks...don`t tell anyone!

Avery and her horsies..I really do have to get her into an equestrian camp.

These baby goats were well-behaved and friendly...

These other goats in the other pen...were not. You could buy oat-filled ice cream cones to feed them and they were desperate for them! My sister Tavia was going into the pen with her daughter Sadie and Avery. The goats hoarded around them and poor little Sadie couldn`t move and the goats were escaping. I think 3 got out by the time we could help...not a big deal as they seemed to roam pretty freely around the farm , but we were NOT going to go in there again. So, Blake had fun feeding them over the fence, throwing the cone into the pen and watching the goats fight over it.

There are lots of little picnic areas around the farm with playgrounds. We found this little gem hidden away from most of the action. It`s called a `Whirlybird`...I so want one for my backyard!


Kids Birthday Party Calgary said...

Great Place is Butterfield Acres
You did well to go there with your family.Blake is looking very sweet in photo with milking to a goat.

sassy said...

sounds like a great time! the wirly birly rocks!