Thursday, July 1, 2010

Callaway Park

Next stop: Callaway park! The last time we were here, the kids were a bit too little to go on some of the bigger rides. Blake still couldn't go on the roller coaster, but he certainly enjoyed the big swings with Uncle Vern.

Avery isn't much of a thrill seeker, so she stuck to the little swings. Notice Blake in the back. Can't you tell by his face that I made him go on this ride with his sister. She wouldn't go alone and I, of course could not fit into those swings, so there was only one choice left.

Although he did thoroughly enjoy the small roller coaster and the Wave Rider with his sister. Go figure!

We finally caught up with the cousins and Blake went on the Arenaline Test Zone with Nick. I tried to convince Avery to go on with me, but no such luck.

And the most favorite ride of all: Free Fallin'. Both kids could go on this with an adult, but Avery would not go on. We were by ourselves at this point, so I asked an adult behind us if he would mind taking Blake on with his kids.
So up, up, up he went...

and Whoosh!...down he came. His smile was priceless! After we watched him, Avery then decided that she now wanted to go on it too. So back in line we went to wait and sure enough she did go on it and Loved it. I was on with her, so no pics of her to show.

To wrap up a very fun and very hot day..the infamous snow cone!


Kari said...

Well here is to wishing that I can get up the nerve to ride all the HUGE rollercoasters at Canada's Wonderland.... Danica loved the rollercoasters at West ED Mall... but these are like 200 times BIGGER. Will tongiht still work even just for a play and a drink at my place? or a BBQ Hamburger supper- nothing too fancy.... I STILL have not packed... =-)

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