Monday, July 26, 2010

Video of Blake's first waterski and knee board


Kari said...

Wow Blake you did amazing....

Damon and Danica loved knee boarding too... this year they only went on the tube

Off to Calgary for the weekend to a wedding .... stopping at Bed and bath let me knwo if you want anything =) send me a text =)

And there are PLENTY of zucchini in the garden... some are getting big! and feel free to get some raspberries... they should be ready again... tons of light red ones

sassy said...

I am holding sponge bob ball for the ransome of your sweet kiddos coming over again! AHHH! I am soo sorry but I really have no idea how to work my phone-your message was in my it got there I have no idea! Anyway family talent night-hope you can come-don't forget to remind C for me too - xox Sassy and Sponge bob ball