Monday, July 26, 2010

Kimball Lake

Blake's good friend Billy came to the lake with us this year. He's never done any water sports before, but you couldn't get him off of this tube! Our good friend Lee came with us this year with a bigger and more powerful sea-doo. The kids kept him busy constantly asking for more and more tube rides. They were getting pretty cocky too, so to our pleasure, they finally got thrown off the tube. Billy went first, Blake then proceeded to bounce into Billy's seat and then right off the tube. Well, they asked for faster speed and bigger waves and they sure got them!

My favorite part: Blake tried water-skiing again this year. None of the kids wanted to try until we finally convinced (Actually Dale bribed him!) Blake to go first. After that, all the kids wanted to try. This year, he got up and out of the water on the first try and made an entire loop without falling! We were so proud of him and he was certainly proud of himself...his grin was ear to ear!

We lucked out with the weather again this year and were fortunate enough to have a beach day every single day we were there. Rylee and Avery got a "KICK" out of this extra large beach ball.

Blake was the foreman with the construction of this "Aquarium" for the minnows they caught. Complete with "algae" and fishtank toys. It kept them amused for a nice long time!

Avery decided to build a "dino park". You really can't have too many plastic toys at the beach!

The next day after water-skiing, we convinced Blake to try knee-boarding. He "reluctantly" said he'd go. I think his ego was pretty inflated after water-skiing, so he once again was the leader here. He even really showed-off when he took one hand off the rope. I'll have video to post tomorrow. He definately takes after his mom for his water sport ability!

The last day we went to "Jeanette Lake" to a friends cabin. Once again my little daredevil tried his hand at rope swinging. These kids must have done it over a dozen times.

Even Dale got in on the fun! Unfortunately we couldn't convince Avery to go...maybe next year!


Quirkymom said...

I was never much into water sports like my sisters, but I wish we had the opportunity to introduce our kids. Jasmine did get out tubing once last year on little boat. I guess we have a few years. Devin is still pretty hesitant about anything new, so even just getting him on the canoe or paddle boat will likely be exciting enough for him.

Kari said...

I don't like to get wet but I thinkmy kids would love this lake... maybe next year we will come and bring our tent for a weekend!