Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My little helper

Tonight when we were eating supper (Dale was at work), I must have appeared pretty tired. I think I sighed and then leaned my hand on my head. Blake looks at me and says "You tired mommy?" I said "Yes, Blake I guess I am tired." He says "I'll help you mommy" He then proceeds to turn to Avery and says "Avery, stop playing, you eat, stop playing, eat your food."
"I help you mommy" he says to me afterwards. What a good little helper!

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Adventures In RDI said...

That's hilarious. Too cute!

And for the record, I didn't give Paul permision to cut the curls. I thought it was understood, that it was just a trim, a bit of a clean up. I guess I should have went myself, but with Noah going to the dentist that morning, I wanted to be with him - for things to be as calm as possible. Paul's response was "You should have went then" I guess I wasn't clear - he felt bad. He wasn't as attached the curls like I was, and thought it was really no big deal.

I cried, it was totally unexpected. I was having an emotional day. I am used to it now and I like it. It was such a transition though. Baby to little boy. Especially being the last and all.