Sunday, October 7, 2007

Monday Oct. 2nd

I was helper parent at Blake's Kindergarten today for the afternoon. I decided this would be a good day to "spy" on him to see how he was making out at lunchtime. So, I went to the school when the lunch bell rang and watched him go to the gym and sit down at his table. Then I hung out in the hallway and peeked in on him a few times to make sure he was doing okay. Then when they went outside to play for the rest of the lunch-hour I watched him from afar for a few minutes to see how he played, then I finally made myself known to him and stayed with him for the rest of the afternoon. I felt much better after doing this. I was so worried that he may not be enjoying school like he said he was--he always seemed to want to come home for lunch and everytime I asked who he played with that day, he'd just say "I don't know-no one" . So, I decided to spy on him to make sure he wasn't being bullied or left out. He was absolutely fine and had a great time playing on the playground equipment with everyone. He mainly played with Danica and some other girls, and I was hoping that he'd go and play tag with the other boys in his class, but after the lunch-hour was over, the boys that were playing tag got a "talking to" because they were playing too rough, so I'm really glad that he wasn't a part of this group. I don't know why I worry about him so much. I guess you just want you're child to be liked and hope so much that they will fit in that it makes me sick to my stomach to think that he could be bullied or teased. But, like I said he was fine and I had nothing to worry about. Thank goodness I have such a good friend in Kari and her kids are so good with Blake that I know Blake will always have them as friends.
The funniest thing about it all was when I was hanging out in the hall after they ate and waiting for them to get dressed to go outside so I could follow them out. The principal walked by me and asked if I was waiting for anyone in particular and I said "No, I'm just observing my child unknowningly" She smiled and laughed and walked away.
It was fun to be a part of his class for the afternoon. They do learn alot more than they do in preschool and I love seeing how he responds to the experience. They are already learning to do their PWIM words and I can't imagine Blake learning to read already. I don't know if it was just me being there, but when we were doing their PWIM words, Blake couldn't find his word "black". I was right next to him (all the kids were sitting at their tables, so everyone was doing this together-it wasn't like anyone was standing in front of the class), and I was encouraging him to find it, when the teacher said "after you find your word, then I'll call your name and you tell everyone what it is" Well, Blake must have thought that she'd call his name before he found his word, so he started to cry. I could tell he didn't want to cry-he was trying to hide it with his hands and wiping his tears away quickly. His teacher came over and pointed it out to him and then it was fine. Had I known, then I would've just done that and all could have been avoided. I felt so bad-I almost feel like I made him cry since I wouldn't just pick out the word for him. See, this is why I worry, he's so sensitive-but so darn sweet-I don't want him to feel like that. I think I'll be signing up to be helper parent alot. There's hardly any parents who do it and I'm sure it's because of their work schedules, but i could pretty much be there every Tues. if I wanted to be.

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