Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not a whole lot happening in the last few days. Blake seems to be loving Kindergarten and doesn't mind at all staying the whole day--even in the afterschool program. I, on the other hand seem to be having a problem with figuring out what I'm supposed to do. I can't seem to read a Kindergarten calender very well. The first week, I went to pick Blake up from school at lunch time and he so gently whispers in my ear "mommy, you forgot snack for everyone". I thought that his name on the calender meant that he was supposed to bring something for show-and-tell, but apparently it was that we were the snack mom. Then last Thursday, Dale picks him up at lunch time and as soon as they walk in the door, Blake says "mommy, you forgot my show-and-tell". Now I know that he is in the Blue group who always brings show-and-tell on Thurs. mornings. I apologized profusely to Blake and asked him what the other kids had brought to show. He says to me "pictures of apple trees". Oh, no!--now I remember seeing on the calender that everyone was supposed to draw pictures of apple trees and take them for their show-and -tell period. Well, now I felt awful, so we hurriedly drew one after lunch and Blake got to take it back in the afternoon. The teacher must think I'm so imcompetent! Well, at least I seem to have it figured out now.

Avery's been a crank pot these last few days. (surprise!) She's not sleeping very well, but I finally noticed today that she's getting a 2 year molar. Today, she also would just suddenly stop doing whatever it was she was doing and just start to cry and appear very uncomfortable. I realized that she was trying to poop and was quite constipated. Poor little thing, this has never happened to her before. She was finally able to have a poop and then seemed to be much better. I thought I wouldn't have to go through this with her too. Hopefully it's just a side effect of teething!

Dale and I spent most of Saturday trying to clean up the summer stuff. Hot tub is now clean and ready to use and we are organizing, organizing, organizing! Dale built some shelves in the garage for storage and I am trying to clean up my office. Going to get someone to build me some scrapbooking storage--Yeah can't wait! Have to go do some baking for my "spa party" on Tues. Will post some pics then!

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