Monday, February 11, 2008

Just another working day

Worked all day today after having 3 days off. It's always so much harder to go back to work once you haven't been there for awhile. Maybe I should work more shifts, then I wouldn't feel so tired going back. Now I have 2 more days off, then work 6 straight. The kids had their preschool gymnastics tonight. They love going, but it sure isn't long enough (only 25 min.). Avery is getting better at being by herself. I usually have to stay by her side for the first little bit, but then she does fine staying with Blake.

Just checked on the kids and I can't believe that Blake is still in his own bed. Almost every night for the last week and a half he's been sneaking into Avery's room and going to sleep in her bed. Even when we tell him not to go in there as we don't want her waking up, he still manages to creep in there without anyone knowing. The other night we carried him back to his own bed before we went to sleep and we still found him in her bed in the morning. He says it's because his bed isn't very comfy (and I agree it's NOT--it's harder than a rock--so we are going to get him a new one this spring) but I like to think it's because he loves being next to his sister!

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