Monday, March 17, 2008

Sick, sick, sick , sick, sick!

I've been out of commission again. Came down with a brutal cold last Monday night and haven't been able to shake it yet. Had to work all weekend feeling like crap. Guess you can't get better when you don't get any days to rest. The head cold has pretty much gone, but can't seem to shake this heavy chest/cough feeling. Actually feel like I have pneumonia, but I went to the clinic today and they said my chest sounded clear. She gave me an Rx anyway in case it got worse and I've been debating all night about getting it filled. I had pneumonia 2 years ago and they only caught it when they gave me an X-ray, so I don't have much faith in the good ol' stethoscope. Blake and Avery caught the same thing, but Blake got it the worst. He started running a fever Fri. night and today was the first day that he didn't get hot. He ran a fever off and on all weekend and had a few afternoon naps--you know he's really sick when he sleeps during the day. Today, he's just left with an awful cough.
Anyone got any good ideas on how to boost our immune systems. This winter has really sucked for us. I feel like I'm sick all the time and I'm really getting tired of it already!


Aspergertopia said...

Hey Tammi! So sorry to hear about you guys getting sick. Hopefully it will pass soon.

As far as boosting your immune system, increase your probiotic consumption. (We get one from our naturopath). This is especially important if you've been on antibiotics. I'm sure you know all this already though.

Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

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