Friday, May 9, 2008

We survived!

We did it. We survived our first week of boot camp! Kari and Jenn you did awesome and I'm so proud of you! You guys are the reason I get out of bed early every morning after I've only had 3 hours of sleep! I love this, I love exercising outside first thing in the morning. It's so beautiful and so energizing. I love being done my workout by 7AM, so I have the rest of the day to spend doing things with my children. I love having my mornings back but, I tell you, I'm so bagged, I can barely get this post written. The exercise isn't what's hurting me, it's the getting up so early in the morning. I just can't seem to get a decent night sleep, I guess I keep thinking about having to get up so early. I'm hoping that I can get my sleep regulated for next week-trying a little melatonin to help me along. Wednesday was my best day as I was able to sleep right straight through from 10pm to 5am Tues night. But then, I also had to play slow-pitch for 2 hours Wed. night, so Thurs. was not a good day. Then I had to work until 10Pm last night and I couldn't fall asleep at all last night until about 2AM. I called Kari shortly after 5AM to tell her to go without me, so that I could get some sleep before I had to go to work. Well, then I couldn't get back to sleep, so I figured I may as well be at boot camp as opposed to lying in bed being mad that I can't get back to sleep, so I called Kari back and told her to pick me up. I'm sure glad I did as I was excited to finish the week up strong. Although, once we started to do our exercises (see Kari's blog) I was sure wishing I was back in bed. I guess our trainers sure wanted us to finish up strong too!!
I'm letting my boot camp take priority right now, so I'm not posting as much. I do have some more things to post about the kids, but I'll try to do it tomorrow. For now, I just want to crawl into my comfy bed and SLEEP IN TOMORROW!

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jkddz said...

I'm going to need a copy of that picture tammi!! there is a page in this whole bootcamp for a how good I feel about me!! I am so with Jenn on her 2nd last post! i am going to take some photos tonight too about our progressive hill run!!