Sunday, June 22, 2008

Soccer Time

Blake's favorite sport this spring has been soccer. He was also in ball, but on the nights that he had both soccer and ball and he had to choose which one he wanted to go to--he always chose soccer. I think it helped that his coach was FABULOUS and made it so much fun for the kids. I had a blast too. We would sit on the sidelines and yell and cheer just like it was the world cup. All the parents of the kids on Blake's team were just like this, so it made it alot of fun. He has one more game on Tuesday and then that will be it. I know he'll be disappointed that it's over, but I'm sure looking for a nice break!! Between his soccer and ball and Avery's soccer, and our own ball, we always seemed to be running somewhere and never having enough time to sit down to even eat supper. I guess it'll all start up again in the fall!!

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